More About Real World and Online Gambling In Canada

Gambling In Canada

Some are not aware, but gambling is 100% legal in Canada. So much attention is given to the famed Las Vegas, but hardly any mention made of the many gambling facilities up north of the United States. And, not only is gambling legal, but there are over 100 excellent casinos to explore, making the region a veritable gambling paradise.

Classic table games are the focus of many of these casinos, including the expected blackjack, roulette and poker. But slot games and other electronic based gambling activities not forgotten, with slot games and video poker also available. Read more “More About Real World and Online Gambling In Canada”

20 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Gambling

The gambling industry is a multi-billion dollar market which spans the globe. The gambling landscape of today is made up of thousands of operators, from palatial, extravagant land-based casinos to the best online mobile casinos that can be accessed via smartphone, and just about everything in between.

But how much do we really know about this industry?

Here are 20 fun and interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about gambling:

  1. Gambling can trace its roots back to the dawn of civilization, with the earliest evidence of gambling dating back to Ancient China in 2300BC.
  2. Keno was invented in China between 205 and 187BC. The Great Wall of China which spans over 21,196 kilometres and was constructed over a period of 2000 years, was largely financed from funds derived from keno.
  3. Ever wondered why roulette is also known as the Devil’s Game? If you add up all the numbers from 1 to 36 on the roulette wheel, you’ll get a sum of 666. This three-digit number is known as the Number of the Beast and is commonly associated with Satan.
  4. There 2,598,960 unique possible poker 5-card hands with a 52-card deck.
  5. The odds of getting a Royal Flush in poker is 1 in 649,740.
  6. Blackjack was first called “vingt-et-un”, which is the French word for 21.
  7. Former U.S. president, Richard Nixon funded his 1946 congressional election campaign with money he had won as a sailor playing poker during World War 2.
  8. The president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe is the only modern Head of State to have won a lottery. He won a private lottery in 2000, worth 100,000 Zimbabwean dollars (ZWD), which was valued around US$2,600 at the time.
  9. The first country to have passed legislation to allow licensing for online casinos was Antigua, which launched the first online casino in 1996 and featured 18 online casino games.
  10. It is illegal for citizens of Monaco to gamble at the historic Monte Carlo Casino.

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  11. The first casino licence in Las Vegas was issued to a woman named Mayme Stocker in 1920.
  12. The title of biggest gambling city in the world belongs to Macau. It only takes the city one day to bet the same amount of money that it takes the gamblers of Vegas to bet in a week.
  13. Most major land-based casinos have a layout that resembles a maze. This is intentionally designed to get patrons lost so that they can continue gambling.
  14. Casinos rarely feature clocks and windows, so that gamblers lose track of time.
  15. The lighting in casinos is designed to resemble that of your living room, with the intention of making you feel comfortable and calm.
  16. John Montagu, also known as the 4th Earl of Sandwich is said to have invented the sandwich while playing cards. Frustrated by having to interrupt his game by being served food which required him to use both hands, he ordered his meals to be served between two slices of bread instead.
  17. 68% of all visitors to Las Vegas spend their time and money playing slots.
  18. The largest progressive jackpot won on a slot machine happened in March 2003 and was worth US$39,713,982.25.
  19. The first slot machine was invented in San Francisco by a mechanic named Charles Fey in 1895.
  20. FedEx creator, Fred Smith saved his struggling company by gambling in Las Vegas. In 1973 he won US$27,000 in blackjack, using the company’s last US$5,000- enough to keep his business afloat in its infancy.

If you’re looking to improve your blackjack game make sure you check out our awesome blackjack strategies, or view our detailed blackjack guides for a more in-depth approach to improving your game.

How Adding New Rules to Blackjack Changes The Game

New Blackjack Rules Changes The Game

Classic blackjack is known to virtually every casino goes. The player puts in an ante, after which he or she is dealt two face up cards, and the dealer one face up card, and one face down card. Based on what cards have been received, the player can choose to stick or hit, with the aiming of making a total that is as close to 21 as possible, without exceeding 21.

Remember the added rule that an ace can count as either 1 or 11, plus that the player has the option to split the hand into two separate hands.

There are, however, other variations of blackjack that have additional rules. These rules, although seeming small on the surface, can drastically change the way the game should be played. Let’s look at a few added blackjack rules and examine how they change the game, whether you play blackjack online or in a casino. Read more “How Adding New Rules to Blackjack Changes The Game”

Chicago Online Video Slot Machine

Chicago Online Video Slot Machine All About the Mafia

Chicago in the 1920s is the theme of this real money online slot game, in the early days of the twentieth century when much of America, and in particular Chicago, was run by the Mafia.

Chicago online video slot machine has symbols all relating to that period of history. You will see gangsters, some strange looking characters, and a policeman with a gun. The Wild is a view of Chicago, and the Scatter is a luxury Car. Wilds can replace all other symbols in the game, apart from the Scatter, when completing a winning combination. There is a great potential win per spin in the base game if you land five Wild symbols on an active pay line. This win could give you more than five hundred times your initial stake. If these Wilds appear during the free spins round, you can win up to ten times more, and end up with over five thousand times your initial wager per spin.

This slot game uses a monochromatic design for the screen, and most of the symbols are in black and white, with the occasional touch of bright yellow.

A Very Profitable Free Spins Round

The Scatter symbol will pay out wins no matter where it appears on the reels, and the appearance of three or more of the luxury Cars will trigger the free spins bonus game. You will win twelve free spins at once. The free spins round in Chicago on line video slot machine also includes a mini game, called the Shoot the Bottle feature. In this game you shoot the bottle in every spin to determine the multiplier that you will get for your wins. Some of the bottles containing the multipliers will be shot down, and the last one left upright will be the multiplier that you win. The multiplier can be anything from a two times multiplier up to a great ten times, which will increase your normal wins even further. During the free spins round, more Scatters are added to the reels so it is fairly easy to retrigger this bonus round, and the Shoot the Bottle feature can also be reactivated, at least once or twice during the free spins bonus round.

Chicago online video slot machine will pay one hundred times your initial stake for five of the Scatter Cars found on the reels, and since additional Scatters are added to the reels during the free spins, this will also be multiplied by the multiplier that you have won.

Chicago Slot Game Includes a Gamble Feature

Chicago online video slots machine is a five reel game with twenty pay lines, produced by the innovative games developer Novomatic. It also offers you a Gamble feature that you can activate after any win. You can decide to guess the colour of the next playing card, and if you guess correctly you will have your wins doubled. You can try another guess, to predict the suit of that card, and a correct guess will quadruple your wins.

Chicago Online video slot machine will take you to the world of gangsters, where you can win some large sums of money. This game can also be played for free if you wish, and without any download.

A Look At Why Online Casino Blackjack Is A Game Of Strategy

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games played online and at land based casinos. Aside from having one of the lowest housed edges of any casino game, blackjack also gives players some form of control over the outcome of each hand. Winning in blackjack is all about having the right strategy. In the notes below, we are going to look at why blackjack is a strategy game and should not be played on chance.

The Aim of Blackjack

Unlike slots or other casino games, blackjack has a house edge that can either increase or decrease based on the skill level of the player. What this means is that your chances of winning significantly increase when you play the correct strategy, which is important, especially when you play blackjack for money. You might be wondering how this can be. It all comes down to the numbers themselves. Most players think that the aim of blackjack is to get 21 or as high a hand as possible. In fact, the real aim is to beat the dealer. It doesn’t matter how you beat the dealer, as long as you win. Read more “A Look At Why Online Casino Blackjack Is A Game Of Strategy”

The Most Important Blackjack Strategy Tip

Blackjack is emerging as a popolar game among online blackjack players in Canada.

The worst Blackjack strategy advice is one of the most popular maxims about the game: the object of Blackjack is to get as near to 21 as possible. This is not the case! The game’s aim is simply for the player to beat the Dealer, and, this subtle shift in focus may well see the player boosting his or her bankroll on a far more frequent basis.

How to Beat the Blackjack Dealer

The Dealer is beaten by the player not exceeding a card total of 21, or going Bust; the player managing to reach a card total closer to 21 than the one the Dealer has been able to gather; and having the Dealer Bust.

The General Rules for Blackjack Play

  1. Blackjack is played with between 1 and 8 decks, made up of 52 cards each.
  2. Aces can be counted for 1 or 11 points; the cards ranging from 2 through to 9 are taken at face value; and 10s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings have a value of 10.
  3. A Hand’s value is the total of the points of the individual cards which make it up, except for a Blackjack, the highest Hand, made up of an Ace and 10-point card, which outranks all other Hands, even those valued at 21.

Read more “The Most Important Blackjack Strategy Tip”


F1 Sports Betting – Faster Than The Speed Of Sound

F1 – or Formula 1 – is single-seat auto racing at its very best.  The Formula One World Championship has been the premier racing championship event since the 1950’s.  In order to qualify to become a F1 racing driver, one must be the holder of a valid Super Licence.  A Super Licence is the highest form of licence that is issued by the FIA (Federation Internationale de I’Automobile).

F1 drivers are required to be fit, agile and fast.  F1 cars must be made of even stronger stuff than F1 drivers, being the fastest road racing cars in the world.  Average speeds reach up to 380 kilometres per hour – not a sport for the faint of heart!

The world of F1 is dominated by specialist race teams and manufacturers, including McLaren, Ferrari, Williams , Ford and Mercedes-Benz.  A typical F1 Grand Prix event plays out over one weekend.  The action usually kicks off with two practise sessions on the Friday, and an additional practise session on the Saturday.  A qualifying session is held after the third practise session, in order to determine the participants, as well as their starting positions, for the actual race on the Sunday.

A Variety Of Bets

Due to the nature of the sport, F1 makes provision for a variety of betting options.  Racing betting sites tend to all have their own particular favourites, but bettors are free to mash it up and sample something of everything.

Qualifying Bets

During the first three practise sessions on any given F1 weekend event, drivers must compete for a starting position in the race.  Bets can be placed on qualifying positions and even on a prediction of the qualifying time of a particular driver.

Individual Winner Bets

This is the most simple of all bets: who will win the race.  A bet may be placed on the straightforward positional outcome of the race, or a two-way bet may be placed.  A two-way bet generally pays out at 20% of the winning odds.

Podium Finish

A Podium Finish bet is played by placing a wager on a particular driver to finish in the top 3 positions, i.e. walking away with a spot on the podium.

Points Finish

This is a bet that is placed on whether a particular driver will finish in the top eight positions of a race.

Safety Car Bet

One of the more creative types of bets, the Safety Car Bet is placed on the probability of whether or not a safety car will have to be deployed during the race, or not.

The Winning Distance

This bet is estimated in seconds.  The wager is placed on how far the winner will finish ahead of the driver in second place.

Number Of Finishers

Not all drivers finish during a Formula One race.  The Number of Finishers bet takes a whack at how many cars will complete a particular F1 race.  This is generally a risky bet, and as such usually pays out significantly more than most of the other bet types.

Durban July

Betting on the Durban July

Horse racing is a very popular pastime in South Africa, and these events manage to attract many spectators whenever they occur. Of all of the many horse races that are held over the course of each year, however, the Durban July is by far one of the best-attended.

Experienced bettors may well be very familiar with this Thoroughbred horse race, which is raced once a year, on the first Saturday in July. It has been going since 1897, and takes place at Durban’s Greyville Racecourse in KwaZulu-Natal. The horses compete on a turf track, and horses of any age can take part.

A Rose by Any Other Name

The Durban July Handicap started off its run known as the Durban Winter Handicap. By the year 1928, however, someone cottoned on to the fact that this Kwazulu-Natal city does not, in fact, have to endure any kind of cold, no matter what season it may be. After a number of name-changes, it became known as The Vodacom Durban July Handicap in 2002, after the mobile phone operator became the race’s main sponsor, and this is how its title stands today.

The Durban July takes place over a distance of 2 200 meters, a modification from the original 1897 racecourse length of approximately 1 600 meters. The purse for the winner is an eye-watering R4.25 million.

Available Bets for the Durban July

There are two horse racing betting types that are the most popular for horse races the world round, and the favourites for punters are no exception: Win; and Place bets are the first choices for both experienced bettors, and those more recently arrived at this fun pastime that increases the overall enjoyment of an already very entertaining event.

Win bets will ask you to make a selection on which horse you feel is most likely to win the race, and, depending on your choice, you stand to make incredibly significant returns on whatever amount of money you make use of to place the bet.

If you are a little less sure as to which horse and jockey will take the top position, the Place bet is a good option in mobile horse betting. This asks you to predict which horse will finish in the placings for the race, and the number of horses which qualify for payouts on these bets will depend on the number of runners taking part in the race. Five runners or less will disallow place betting; six to seven runners will let you make Place bets on the first and second comers; between eight and 15 runners permits first, second and third Place bets; and more than 16 runners will accept Place bets on the first; second; third; and fourth positions.

The Durban July makes some very exciting betting opportunities available to those interested in laying wagers, especially for South Africans. The sites recommended have been selected specifically to make the best odds and markets available at any point in time available to you, and, thanks to how popular this race is, some of the most elite and specialised online sporting books are able to provide you with the services you require. Browse the ratings and reviews available and start having fun!

Cherry Mischief

Cherry Mischief Is a Fairy Tale Game

Cherry Mischief is the leader of a band of fairies who live in this magical and mystical woodland home. The background to this slot game is a shady green forest carpeted with bright, vibrant flowers of all colours. This slot game is produced by High 5 Games and includes some great bonus games as well as the Fairies that are the symbols in the game.

This online game can be played on your favourite mobile device as well, whether the Apple iPhone or iPad, or the Android versions. In fact, being a relatively new game, it is widely considered to be one of the top mobile games available at present.

The Fairies Will Give You Good Wins

This game has five reels in three rows, with forty pay lines. The symbols include four beautiful Fairies, a Butterfly, the Game’s Logo, and the classic playing cards from ten through to the Ace, as the lower paying symbols in Cherry Mischief. Finding three to five of these letters and numbers at the same time on a reel will pay between one and fifteen times your original stake. Finding Cherry Mischief and her fairy friends can boost your wins by up to fifty times your initial wager.

Cherry Mischief Logo is the Wild, and as such can substitute for all other symbols to form a winning combination, apart from the Scatter symbol. There are nine Butterfly Scatter symbols on the middle three reels, and if you should find them appearing anywhere you will win seven free spins.

A Wild Bonus Game

There is a Wild bonus game that can be triggered with Wild symbols substituting for all the other symbols except the beautiful Fairies. If you find two Wild Cherry Mischief symbols on the reels at the same time you, you will be paid ten times your original stake. If you find three you will earn fifty times your initial stake, and for four of the Cherry Mischief appearing together on the reels you will win two hundred and fifty times your stake. There is a great payout of one thousand times your initial stake if you come across Cherry Mischief five times on your reels.

A Super Stacked Feature

Before each game there is a chance of the Super Stacks feature being unlocked, and this makes all symbols that are stacked on the same reel change into the same symbol, and this will certainly give you opportunities for many winning combinations. Another really lucrative bonus round consists of a Capture Fairy feature. You have to try to capture one of the beautiful Fairies who might have landed on the middle section of the reels, and you will win a great prize, probably all of the fairy treasure. If you manage to capture Cherry Mischief in that middle section, and your wins could be as much as thirteen times your initial wager.

Cherry Mischief is an online slots casino game designed to be enjoyed by players of every level of expertise, regardless of if they believe in fairies or not. You can play one or ten, or all of the forty pay lines as you wish, and stake them with the eight different options that this game gives you. If you are not ready to play for real money, most casinos will allow you to try this game for free to see what it is all about before making any deposit.