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Guide4Blackjack is the only blackjack resource you’ll ever need. We feature everything from blackjack tips to blackjack basic strategy to give you the edge when playing online. We’re dedicated to providing you with the blackjack basics you need to beat the dealer to 21.

Unless you feel like you could make it as a card counter and can put that skill to use whenever you enjoy a game of blackjack, you are going to need to know the ins and outs of not only blackjack rules, but blackjack strategy as well. Blackjack basic strategy will help even rookie players win more when they hit the table, and help them beat the house more often than they may have been used to. We outline all the blackjack basics you’ll need so that you can refine your strategy and improve your chances of success.

The Best Blackjack Tips

Blackjack betting strategy includes basic blackjack tips, like the correct way to hit, when to split, and whether or not you should double down on the hand that you have been dealt. A proper knowledge of blackjack basics like this will allow you to cut the house-edge down from between 1 and 2% to just 0.5%! Our blackjack tips will help you master this card comparing game.

More Chances Provided for Winning

A thorough knowledge of blackjack rules and strategy, although not infallible, will certainly help players improve their game, whether they are playing with just 1 deck or as many as 8. Our guide to blackjack rules will help you to familiarise yourself with the game.

Experience is the Best Teacher

Getting to grips with a blackjack trainer that involves you in real time games is the best way to learn blackjack rules and strategy. This website is dedicated to imparting the knowledge you need in order to win more blackjack games, and there are simplified blackjack tips and instructions that will allow even the most inexperienced players to start seeing more of a return from the table.

Strategies for All Conceivable Hands

By making use of the information our site provides you with when it comes to blackjack rules and strategies, you will be able to get immersive experience on basic card counting, the strategies to employ for hard and soft totals, and what strategies to employ for pairs. Our service is provided free of charge, and we will most definitely help you boost your playing with the charts, tips and tutorials we have on hand.

Beat the Dealer with Blackjack Strategy

It is important for players to know the blackjack dealer rules as well as their own, and we make sure you will be able to confidently face the individual in charge of the cards. Put our help to use today in making you a better player, and get your knowledge of blackjack basic strategy up to par!

Guide4Blackjack is dedicated to helping you become a better blackjack player and if you want to improve your game, you’ll find everything you need right here.