Why Blackjack Is A Great Choice For New Players

The casino industry is one of the largest in the world, and when it comes to variety, a decent casino with a large library of games is the best choice for those wanting to try something new. Poker, slots, baccarat, roulette – the choice of games is usually what brings new players into the exciting world of casino gaming, and why so many people make it a favourite pastime for life.

Blackjack is the world’s second-most popular game after poker, and is played in casinos across the world. While poker might seem like the most tempting choice when starting out, most new players would benefit instead by learning how to play blackjack instead, as we will explore below.

1. It’s Easy To Learn

An argument could be made that poker is just as easy to learn, but this only applies to one type of poker, and there are more than a dozen varieties of the game. On top of that, poker can take years to truly master, and even then, many players never really get the hang of it.

Blackjack, on the other hand, can be learnt within 5 minutes, with rules that are easy to remember. Blackjack is also not quite as varied as many other types of casino games, making it a solid choice for those that want to just learn a single game and stick with it for as long as possible.

2. It’s International

Blackjack is one of those games that can be found just about everywhere, from the largest, international casinos, to small, local pub games. It’s also a popular choice in the online world of casino gaming, where most casinos of any reputation will have blackjack on offer.

Because of the universality of the rules of the game, learning to play it at home with a pack of cards means that the player will be able to transition over to any medium. It’s difficult to find an establishment that doesn’t offer the game in one form or another.

3. It’s Free To Play

It’s possible to play the game for real money, and for those with the time and skill, it can be a lucrative endeavour. But for those that are brand new to it and want to get a feel for the rules and how the game works, it’s very easy to find the game online for free, where most casino sites will offer a free version for curious players. This makes for a golden opportunity to learn the game inside and out, and to start building on strategies before making any sort of financial commitment.

4. Using Strategy

Where most other casino games are almost always based on chance, blackjack is unique in that winning strategies can be employed, and some of the strategies can even be extended to other types of betting, including horse racing tips.

One popular kind of strategy is counting cards, where it’s possible for a person to teach themselves to track specific cards within the deck. While this isn’t allowed in most casinos today, it’s only one among other reliable blackjack winning strategies.