Understanding the Variations of Blackjack

One of the best aspects of playing Blackjack is the fact that the rules of this game are so easy to master. Thanks to this simplicity, it is also easy for players to pick up the rules of the game’s many different variations.

The Blackjack industry is full of different versions of this beloved game, and each one has unique rules and betting structures to keep you entertained.

Some games may use single decks, others may use many, and other still have different rules governing their dealers, how many cards you are dealt, and so on. By playing different variations, you can ensure that your understanding of Blackjack strategy always has room to grow while you try to beat the house!

Rule Changes Across Different Versions

There are many rule variations to spot in different variations of Blackjack, but some are more common than others. The most common rule differences you will find in online and land-based games include:

  • The number of decks in play. Most versions use multiple decks, and this number can vary from 2-8 or even more. Single deck Blackjack is also available, but some casinos avoid offering it because it has a very low house edge. Vice versa, the house edge increases with the number of decks used, so try to find a variant with as few decks as possible to boost your winning odds.
  • Dealer’s actions on a soft 17. Your dealer will normally have to stand on a soft 17, but in some cases they may be allowed to hit past that point. The house edge increases in this case, but only by a fraction of a percentage.
  • Doubling down. In some Blackjack variations you may only double down on certain hands, but others are far more flexible with this rule. The more liberal your casino is in terms of this rule, the higher your winning edge will be.
  • Doubling after splitting and re-splitting. Sometimes players are allowed to double down after splitting a hand, but in other instances they may not be. Being allowed to do so is a big advantage for you, as is the ability to re-split hands multiple times.
  • Dealer peeking. The dealer might be allowed to check if their exposed card is an A or a 10 in Blackjack. If a Blackjack is produced, the hand will end immediately, making this another advantageous rule for players.

Most Popular Blackjack Variations

The rules above can be found in the many Blackjack variations on offer today. Some of these variations might be found more often in certain regions or casinos, but you can find most of them online too at the best online betting NZ sites. Some of the most popular versions to try include:

  • Atlantic City Blackjack
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack
  • European Blackjack
  • and American Blackjack.

Other Great Versions to Try Today

The variants on offer don’t end there, however. There are many others to try for free or for real money play. Take for instance Blackjack Double Exposure, which exposes both of the dealer’s cards before you can make a decision. This offers a major benefit to players, but is balanced out by the fact that the dealer will win on all ties.

There is also Blackjack Switch, which is a multi-hand variation in which you must play 2 or more hands. Players may switch one card from each hand with a card from the other, allowing them to create stronger hands and give themselves a potentially lucrative boost.

Don’t forget Progressive Blackjack too; it has massive progressive jackpots to be won which accumulate over time. The world of Blackjack is seemingly limitless, so you’ll never get bored when you explore this global casino classic.