F1 Sports Betting – Faster Than The Speed Of Sound

F1 – or Formula 1 – is single-seat auto racing at its very best.  The Formula One World Championship has been the premier racing championship event since the 1950’s.  In order to qualify to become a F1 racing driver, one must be the holder of a valid Super Licence.  A Super Licence is the highest form of licence that is issued by the FIA (Federation Internationale de I’Automobile).

F1 drivers are required to be fit, agile and fast.  F1 cars must be made of even stronger stuff than F1 drivers, being the fastest road racing cars in the world.  Average speeds reach up to 380 kilometres per hour – not a sport for the faint of heart!

The world of F1 is dominated by specialist race teams and manufacturers, including McLaren, Ferrari, Williams , Ford and Mercedes-Benz.  A typical F1 Grand Prix event plays out over one weekend.  The action usually kicks off with two practise sessions on the Friday, and an additional practise session on the Saturday.  A qualifying session is held after the third practise session, in order to determine the participants, as well as their starting positions, for the actual race on the Sunday.

A Variety Of Bets

Due to the nature of the sport, F1 makes provision for a variety of betting options.  Racing betting sites tend to all have their own particular favourites, but bettors are free to mash it up and sample something of everything.

Qualifying Bets

During the first three practise sessions on any given F1 weekend event, drivers must compete for a starting position in the race.  Bets can be placed on qualifying positions and even on a prediction of the qualifying time of a particular driver.

Individual Winner Bets

This is the most simple of all bets: who will win the race.  A bet may be placed on the straightforward positional outcome of the race, or a two-way bet may be placed.  A two-way bet generally pays out at 20% of the winning odds.

Podium Finish

A Podium Finish bet is played by placing a wager on a particular driver to finish in the top 3 positions, i.e. walking away with a spot on the podium.

Points Finish

This is a bet that is placed on whether a particular driver will finish in the top eight positions of a race.

Safety Car Bet

One of the more creative types of bets, the Safety Car Bet is placed on the probability of whether or not a safety car will have to be deployed during the race, or not.

The Winning Distance

This bet is estimated in seconds.  The wager is placed on how far the winner will finish ahead of the driver in second place.

Number Of Finishers

Not all drivers finish during a Formula One race.  The Number of Finishers bet takes a whack at how many cars will complete a particular F1 race.  This is generally a risky bet, and as such usually pays out significantly more than most of the other bet types.