Hosting a Blackjack-Themed Party or Event

There is a good reason why blackjack is one of the world’s most popular casino games. It’s wonderfully challenging yet very easy to learn, and all you need to play it is a few decks of cards and some willing participants.

If you have plenty of blackjack enthusiasts in your midst, you might want to consider hosting a blackjack-themed party or event the next time you have reason to celebrate. There are few things that can tear casino aficionados away from their online roulette Australia games quite like a party centred on their favourite theme. Here are some top tips to get your party started!

#1: Think About Décor

When you think of the game of blackjack, two colours will immediately spring to mind – black and red. This makes decorating for a party quite simple, as so long as your decorations fit the colour scheme of the hour, your guests will find it easy to suss out what your event is all about.

If you want to go into a bit more detail, why not track down some playing-card themed decorations like banners, printed plates and napkins, or anything else you desire? You could even pick up an affordable blackjack table to allow your guests to indulge in a few rounds while offering prizes for those who manage to reach that elusive 21.

#2: Focus on Snacks

If your guests are going to be playing casino games at your blackjack party, you’ll want to offer snacks that they can enjoy quickly and easily without having to use both hands. Canapes and finger foods like miniature pizzas, finger sandwiches and cheese and crackers are perfect, and of course you can base these on your theme as well by sticking to red, white and black options.

You could even ice some biscuits to resemble playing cards or casino chips for a touch of extra authenticity that your friends will definitely appreciate. As for drinks, any offerings matching these colours would be perfect as well – think red wine, sangria, a tropical punch, or even individual cocktails!

#3: Choose Some Games

Naturally, if you’re hosting a blackjack party you should definitely have a few games going on the day. Blackjack is the ideal game for a celebratory atmosphere because it is so simple to learn and doesn’t require much specialised equipment.

Even the youngsters can join in for a round or two here, and small prizes can be offered for the winners. If yours is an adults-only affair, you could even play for real money. Remember to pick up an inexpensive blackjack table cover and print out a few lists of basic rules so that guests of all levels of skill can join in on the fun.

#4: Collate a Playlist

There are plenty of iconic songs about gambling out there that would make perfect additions to your party playlist. Just a few tracks to consider include:

  • AC/DC – Sin City
  • ABBA – The Winner Takes It All
  • The Animals – House of the Rising Sun
  • Bread – Lay Your Money Down
  • Motorhead – Ace of Spades
  • The Clash – Three Card Trick
  • Bob Dylan – Rambler Gambler
  • and Electric Light Orchestra – Poker.

#5: Pick Out a Dress Code

Whether you want your guests to be casual and comfortable or dressed to the nines is entirely up to you. A formal dress code will add a touch of salon privé class to your party, while casual options will provide a more laid-back setting. Now that you’ve set the stage, all you need to do is get ready to greet your guests with a party they won’t soon forget…