Is Land Based Or Online Blackjack Better?

If it wasn’t already obvious; the world is going online. Basically everything from buying groceries to organising dates can now be done from your phone. The convenience is excellent, no one is going to argue that, and few would be able to get by without their smartphone close at hand.

Casino games are also going online, with new online casinos popping up on a virtually daily basis. Slots can now be accessed via a mobile device, and Live Casinos are rapidly increasing in popularity. But as far as Blackjack goes, is it better to play online, or to stick with the classic land based option? Are there pros and cons that should be taken into consideration?

It Is The Same Game?

Purists argue that nothing will beat the classic land based version of Blackjack. But if being realistic, the two versions are 100% indistinguishable, as far as logistics go. Online Blackjack follows the exact same rules, and uses a simulated deck of cards that is identical to a real deck.

Trying to say that land based is in some way different is not accurate. The only real angle that can be taken into consideration is the casino ambience. Though, some would argue that being allowed to focus on the game, at mobile casinos Canada or wherever you choose to play, in the comfort of your own home without any distractions, is the better choice.

No Waiting Around

Land based casinos do have one big flaw that can’t be ignored. Namely that physical tables have limited space. It is possible that the Blackjack table you’re keen on, offering the betting options you prefer, may not have any empty seats.

Of course, online casinos have space for every person who wants to play, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will never be left standing, waiting for your turn.

Freedom Of Play

If you want to play Blackjack online with a strategy open beside you, guiding your decisions, you are allowed to do this. Land based casinos may be a little iffy if you tried the same thing, and might possibly even politely ask you to leave.

Heck, you can play at home with a cigarette in one hand, a brandy in the other, and your feet up on the table. Unless you have a significant other that disagrees with this, of course, but that’s your business, and not the business of a casino.

More Variety

It turns out that there isn’t just one type of Blackjack. Dozens of variations exist, and can be tried out online as you see fit. You might try a new type each evening, and see which you most prefer. Land based casinos are limited by space on the floor, which means that they generally only offer one, or maybe two varieties, and with a limited number of betting options per table.

It is, of course, still a matter of opinion which you prefer. Some do still enjoy the ambience of a land based casino, but there is an enormous amount of benefits to playing online.