Unusual Facts About Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the world’s most popular casino games. The idea of this card counting game is to get a face value of your hand as close to twenty-one without going over this figure. Even if you’re not a gambler, most people understand the basic rules of blackjack. But what are some of the more unusual, lesser known facts about Blackjack?

Beating The House Edge

In most casino games, there is always a house edge that is virtually impossible to overcome. Blackjack is one of the few games that offers players an opportunity to gain full control. This is mostly done through card counting – a skill in which players can predict what the next card is going to be. While mental card counting is not actually illegal it is frowned upon by most casinos and many establishments to a have several methods in place to limit this practice. Casinos also have the right to ban players they suspect of card counting.

However, even without card counting the house edge in Blackjack is less than 1%. This is one of the lowest house edges of any casino games meaning you are more likely to win, or at least break even playing Blackjack than any other casino game.

One Of The Oldest Games

Blackjack is one of the world’s oldest gambling games. Early mentions of the game can be seen as far back as the late 16th century. A version of Blackjack known as Vignt-et-un was also played throughout France in the 18th century. Apparently, the game was a staple in royal courts and famed military leader, Napoleon Bonaparte, is said to have been a massive fan of the game. Although the card decks didn’t quite look the same as those we use today, the basic principals have been the same since the very beginning.

It’s the Most Popular Casino Game

Blackjack is the most popularly played table game at casinos in the United States. That said, slot machines are still more regularly played than Blackjack. A Blackjack hall of fame can be found at the Barona Resort and Casino in San Diego, California, which lists some of the most legendary Blackjack players.

Despite the game’s popularity at actual casino halls, it has never garnered the celebrity following that other table games, like poker, have. Tournaments in Blackjack are played around the world, and at one point the Game Show Network did try and get viewers to tune in to their World Series of Blackjack. Despite starring some of the most well-known names in the game, the show flopped and no longer airs.

You Must Pay Tax

What many people don’t know is that in America, any money that you win at the Blackjack table, even when playing with big bonuses, is in fact taxable income. In fact, in the United States as soon as you win over a certain amount, the casino is legally obliged to declare your winnings to the IRS. While you are taxed on your winnings in Blackjack, be sure to keep track of your losses as well as these can be offset against what you win.